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I’m always on a diet. It’s no secret and we all know this. If it’s not one crazy extreme diet it’s another. The diet du jour called for a can of healthy low-sodium all-natural soup.

mmmmm… soup.

So I put the can back in my backpack and went and had Chinese instead.

MMMMM… sugar covered deep fried chicken chinese feeewd.

I’m really just biding my time until the magic pill is invented.

Fat fat fatty fat

I'm a fat fat fat fatty fatty fat.

I made Mac & cheese tonight for dinner because no one was home and i didn't feel like going out after having worked late.

1 bowl led to 2. Then Malcolm came home and dished me another and next thing you know I ate 2 whole boxes.

Oink oink oink.

Someone bring me some cake!

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this day has flew by pretty fast, but it really just needs to end  …right now.

my day in twitters

  • 12:56 Ew, someone is totally pitting out....where is that coming from? #
  • 14:47 was told my brain is like a tim burton circus with orgies #
  • 16:05 a straight coworker of mine is a little protective today. He said, "You don't talk to Daniel like that, look at him... he's adorable!" #
  • 19:04 Your support 'hose are totally stylin', granny. #
  • 19:36 Good lord woman, that top is so tight I could read the breand of smokes you had shoved into your bra. Eesh! #

my day in twitters

  • 08:55 There certainly r a lot of candidates for makeover shows on the bus today...oh my #
  • 09:05 A crowd of about 100 asians just ran in my direction.... strangely I didn't feel in danger of being trampled #
  • 09:47 is slowly killing malcolm's plant, I worry I may have Munchausen. #
  • 10:10 needing a breakfast sammich and latte #
  • 16:57 i swear whoever took these photos has one short leg. straightening each so the picture looks level is such a pain. #
  • 19:01 Watching a mom feed her new born coca-cola straight from the soda bottle #OnTheBus #

my day in twitters

  • 15:55 was told i'll be working late all week... YAY >:( #

my day in twitters

  • 13:00 So much to accompish, I should really get moving #
  • 14:16 I'm at Glass Expressions (648 sw 152nd, Seattle). 4sq.com/cBFL5J #
  • 15:23 I'm at KFC & A&W (604 Rainier Ave S, Renton). 4sq.com/d46e1m #
  • 16:01 Hmmm maybe a nappynap before some glass work? I think yes #

my day in twitters

  • 11:46 I had to cover my mouth and do my best not to bust out laughing at this.. tiny.cc/pppqa #
  • 13:04 This food baby is sooo angry. Ugh, someone follow me around and hold up my belly :P #
  • 14:03 someone just handed me this children's book, are they trying to tell me something? flic.kr/p/8hfe3L #

my day in twitters

my day in twitters

  • 15:07 mmmm lemon #
  • 19:28 Pulled a crap ton of weeds... Barely made a dent :( #
  • 19:30 Just a warning: my farts totally burn right now. #

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